Laser Alignment

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We perform laser alignment on your shafts, bores or any flat surfaces at your premises quickly and efficiently. We provide a documented set of readings to allow timely and cost effective decisions to be taken on any corrective actions necessary.

Misaligned bores or large machine components has proven to be a major time and cost saver compared to all other methods.

Incorrectly aligned shafts and the consequences of this are behind more than 50% of all malfunctions in rotating machines. This increases unscheduled downtime and therefore production losses. This, of course, increases overall maintenance costs. In addition, misaligned shafts increase vibrations and friction, which can increase the energy consumption considerably and cause premature bearing and seal damage.

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A huge thanks to both Darren and Ryan for their commitment in providing us with a class leading service. We had tried several other regional rewind companies prior to WR Group NE but now we are strongly committed.

Andrew Bickerton - Drake Electrical
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